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CB2 + FLATS Chicago

With a common vision of stylishly and creatively outfitting soulful small spaces—and loving the communities they belong to—CB2 has partnered with FLATS Chicago by styling a selection of our top furniture and accessories picks to make moving into a small space as effortless as possible.

Starting with FLATS communities—which are based on the premise that living well is a necessity, especially within a community of shared philosophies—CB2’s furniture and accessories layered in naturally with their mandate of solving challenges inherent in small space living.

Small spaces have always been near and dear to our hearts at CB2. Many of our customers live in urban environments where space must be leveraged and planned very thoughtfully, and we’ve always been intentional about designing furniture that is multifunctional or contains hidden storage. Also, our furniture is scaled to fit urban footprints, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Chief Creative Jay Michael recently shared his thoughts on the collaboration:

What is micro-living and how does this model unit exemplify the concept?
Micro-living is a new trend in urban living, creating interesting and comfortable living environments in small spaces. This trend is becoming more and more popular and the FLATS project in Chicago is a great example of how a small space can still feel beautiful, comfortable, and stylish.

What do you think is interesting and great about the living spaces created by FLATS?
We love the concept of big style in small spaces. We share the belief that style and individuality can be achieved on any budget, and in any space, via smart design solutions.

Why is CB2 a good brand to turn to for micro-living oriented design solutions?
We share a philosophy of smart, double-duty design for small spaces—we’re also both based in Chicago—so we’re excited to partner and watch this come to life in our hometown.

Which pieces do you think really “make” this unit—why do they work so well in the space?
There are a number of pieces you wouldn’t expect to work in small units—like the cielo sectional. It’s incredibly efficient in that it provides a lot of seating yet fits in a small space—and pieces can be moved around to suit the way you live.

Multi-functional pieces are a must in tight spots. For example the contact stool can be used as a seat at the dining table, office, or as a side table.

Let’s not forget style—which is why the poodle pouf is on the list along with the colorful key rug. The pouf adds drama due to the scale of it within a 100 sf (?) room. As we said, we love the unexpected!

Other pieces have been suggested for small space living many times and there’s good reason why. The clear peekaboo media and the glass tesso bookcases ‘disappear’ so they keep rooms free of visual clutter while helping organize them. Bonus is the media cart is on wheels!

Mirrored or reflective pieces also multiply visual space so the infinity standing mirror and harvey chrome nightstand add style and fool the eye making the room feel bigger than it actually is. Bonus is the nightstand has a lower shelf with a high clearance to best maximize its footprint.

Valuing value, authenticity, character, curating, the unexpected—not to mention dogs and bikes!—these are the basic, shared tenets which make this collaboration a no-brainer. And we’re backing the partnership with a 10% discount* for new tenants of the FLATS on all the items mentioned above—plus a few more! For more information, contact FLATS Chicago here.

*To receive a 10% off coupon, a signed lease with FLATS Chicago must be completed. Limited time offer; terms and conditions apply.