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happy halloween!

photo by: lobo235Enjoy the tricks, the treats—both savory and sweet—be safe and have fun!


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recipe: candied apples

8-10 medium sized apples

8-10 wooden sticks

3 cups granulated sugar

1/2 C light corn syrup

1 C water

1/2 tblsp red food coloring

1/2 tblsp black food coloring

several drops cinnamon flavored oil

1. Clean and dry the apples with a towel. If store-bought, rub to remove as much of the wax as possible—if purchased from a farmer’s market or orchard, then chances are they weren’t treated with the food grade wax that makes them shine.

2. Remove any stems or leaves and insert a stick into the top of each apple. To facilitate easier stick entry, carefully sharpen the end of the twig or use a candy stick to create a guide hole. Set apples aside once stuck.

3. In a saucepan over medium heat, heat sugar, corn syrup, and water—stir until sugar has dissolved. Boil until the mixture reaches 300°F on a candy thermometer, then remove from heat and stir in flavored oil. For a multi-color effect, pour half the mixture into another saucepan—add the red food coloring to one half and black to the other.

4. Dip one apple completely in the syrup and swirl it so that it becomes coated with the melted sugar candy. Hold the apple above the saucepan as the excess drips off.

5. With the stick facing up, place each dipped apple onto a baking sheet that was greased or is lined with a silpat.

Adam’s hints:
—if the syrup thickens or cools too much, simply reheat briefly before proceeding.
—let the apples cool completely before serving.


recipe: black veil screwdriver

5 oz orange or tangerine juice
2 oz vodka
several drops black liquid food coloring

1. Add the food coloring to the vodka to make it black.

2. To help the two liquids stay separate, pour chilled juice into preferred chilled glass then hold a bar spoon over the pitcher—so the spoon is in a ‘mound’ position—and slowly pour the black vodka over the back of the spoon.

3. Once ready to drink, make sure you give it a good stir or you will get a mouthful of vodka!

Adam’s hints:
—also try making black ice cubes with water and black food coloring. Shake and pour vodka and juice, or other mixers, over the ice for a spooky drink.
—you can find black liquid food coloring online or at any cake decorating shop.


mix tape: no.31*

1. Monster Mash, Dark Humor, 2011
2. Peek-A-Boo, Siouxsie and the Banshees, 1988
3. Dracula’s Wedding, Outkast, 2003
4. Dancing on Our Graves, The Cave Singers, 2008
5. Evil Hoodoo, the Seeds, 1966
6. Howl, Florence and the Machine, 2009
7. Wolves Howling, Nature, unknown
8. Thriller, Imogen Heap, 2009
9. Vampire Nights, Orlando Napier, 2010
10. Ain’t No Grave, Johnny Cash, 2010
bonus track:
11. Thriller, Michael Jackson, 1982

*this mix tape is out of numerical order. Happy Halloween!