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the making of: tie dye rug

Above, hand-tufting and finishing the natural wool pile—the base of a tie-dye rug—then prepping the rug for dyeing.

After dyeing, rinsing, and blocking, a latex backing is added above. Below, four tie-dye rugs shown side by side—each unique in pattern and color variation—ready for inspection, wrapping and shipping.


one of a finds: the lewis table

How does a one-man woodworking shop get from 1300 board feet of raw American black walnut…to a lewis table?

Chicago-based woodworker Jason Lewis starts at the beginning and intentionally chooses timbers for their knots and imperfections, allowing the wood’s natural beauty to create visual interest with no two tables alike.

Referencing historical Windsor chairs, and with a nod to the heritage of fine woodworking and hand-craftsmanship, splayed legs are each precisely joined with round tenons blocked with a fine hardwood wedge and finished flush in unison with the top.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only as a limited edition for collectors and enthusiasts—the lewis table has a fall 2011 release of 200.

Note: this one of a find will be available early September.

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