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holiday favorites: megan

1938 leather butterfly chair
I imagine curling up in it with my pup, next to our Christmas tree, and logging on to Pandora’s indie Christmas station.
spoon coffee mug sprout
to sip a cup of vegan hot chocolate that I make with water and homemade almond butter mmmmmm.
to remind them how much it meant to share that special day with my family, everyone’s getting a different frame with a photo from my wedding.

Thanks to megan, product manager assistant, for this submission.


10 tips: hosting the holiday party

‘Tis the season for parties! Make it easy-breezy by utilizing most of what you already have—and by adopting these ten tips from our catalog stylists.

Set the stage.
tip 1: pull two tables together and don’t worry if things don’t match—it’s more important that everyone’s together. Besides, the drinks and the menu are the real stars of the show.
tip 2: use chalkboard paint and write a welcoming message for guests.
tip 3: the right lighting can create the perfect mood- whether you want moody and sexy or bright and festive. You can also create a dramatic chandelier by hanging multiple utility pendants.

Tablescapes 101.
tip 4: tie your tables together visually with a long runner made of gift wrap paper. You can even supply markers and pencils to your guests if you want an interactive party.
tip 5: we used multiples of our 15 minute glasses laying on their sides to inject some color and as an alternative to flowers. Smart votives are a favorite since they product a nice flicker but contain no wax—so no worries about soot or spilling it.

Personalize it.
tip 6: the easiest way to entertain is buffet style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set a nice table.
tip 7: miniature chair ornaments pair well with name cards—and they make a fun take-away gift.

tip 8: make the bar accessible and easy for your guests to make their own drinks. You can even put instructions for a recipe in a picture frame and place on the bar for reference.
tip 9: keep things interesting by using an acrylic storage box as a party tub and these bottle vases to hold the mixers for your very own champagne cocktail.

Food prep.
tip 10: take the stress out of food prep and buy prepared foods from your favorite shops. That’ll leave time to concentrate on one singular spectacular dish that to make yourself.
Besides, the best reason to throw a party is to spend time partying with guests!


how to: make a wire ornament wreath

30 wire ornaments—15 blue, 15 green
15” diameter white wire frame
spool of aluminum wire
wire cutters

1. Loop aluminum wire through a green finial ornament and attach to the first ring of the white wire frame. Twist and cut wire, then repeat by attaching the ornament to the third ring.
2. Alternate a blue spiral ornament and attach—same as above—to the second and fourth ring of the white wire frame.
3. Repeat alternating colors until the ring is full.
4. Hang by securing final wreath to a hanging ribbon or on a wreath holder.

Thanks to marcus, prop stylist on this CB2 catalog shoot.


how to: make a tacktile board wreath

1 tacktile message board
10 wall-mounted candleholders
10 clear-cupped tealight candles
standard t-pins

1. Hang the tacktile board in desired location according to the product instructions.
2. Starting at the 12:00 position, secure one wall-mounted candleholder with a t-pin.
3. Repeat at the 6:00 position.
4. Creating a circle, fill in between those positions spacing candleholders equally apart.
5. Light tealights and place in candleholders.
Optional: spray glue the sides of the clear tealight cup and roll in glitter.

Thanks to marcus, prop stylist on this CB2 catalog shoot.


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