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"my life in graphs"

For many students, it’s the first day back to school—commiserate by charting your course with fill-in-the-blank diagrams that help you clarify everything from mundane matters to life’s more intense topics.

Featured topics are as diverse as personal taste, self-image and an attraction to snake-handlers—my life in graphs, a guided journal, also includes a handy detachable ruler to aid in straight line execution and accurate percentage estimation!


on the road: vietnam 4.2012


on the road: taiwan 4.2012


one of a finds: XL cinema journal

With the film industry of India’s move to digital vinyl billboards, sadly, the talents of an almost extinct community of Bollywood artists—known for their kitschy, glamorous movie posters and sets—is no longer in high demand.

Once required to produce up to 20 posters a day, this special initiative provides the artists not only a new source of income, but also the opportunity for a slower pace focused on their skills and passion for painting.

In an effort to keep their art alive, each XL cinema journal is made of special white pH neutral handmade paper, reclaimed from cotton rag, and is bound by a canvas cover which is hand-painted and signed by these original masters.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only as a limited edition for collectors and enthusiasts—the fluorescent lips/eyes painting has a fall 2011 release of 200.

Note: this one of a find will be available mid-October.