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Featuring 150 images sourced from a major international photography exhibition, humanity: a celebration of friendship, family, love & laughter is everything its subtitle claims.

The subjects and settings of each photo are as diverse as the earth—in age, geography and locale. We’re reminded of just how small the world we share truly is, as the underlying theme of humanity connects us all.


lighten up, without a lamp

The smallest of things—freshly brewed coffee, a totally random compliment, no commercials—can lighten the mood and change the course of an average day.

Dreaded weekly—or family!—meetings can be better with a solid agenda, a favorite pen—or simply more fun with professional sound effects reminiscent of vintage sitcom reruns.

With the touch of a button, the sound machine provides a drum roll to a new concept thrown on the table, the ch-ching of a cash register heralds a brilliant thought, or an explosion means it’s way off the mark and time to move on. (audience clapping)

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