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perfect pairings: outdoor lighting

Choose the mood then choose the candlelight to provide the ambiance. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party and need tabletop lighting—make a dramatic statement with multiples of camp lanterns to create a ‘chandelier’.

For a outdoor areas with lounge seating, create a relaxed mood with ceramic lanterns in multiples.

And last, for the softest lighting, go with smart candle lights—get all the benefits of candlelight without worrying about strong breezes or clean-up.


daylight saving time, 2010

“Spring forward, Fall back” reminds us to turn the clocks backwards one hour this Sunday at 2:00 a.m. as daylight saving time ends and we return to standard time.

Daylight Saving Time, DST, began when Germany, Britain, and other European countries adopted the schedule in 1916 as a way to conserve energy—ie. coal which was rationed during WWI. Russia began the following year, the US in 1918, and since then many countries adopted the practice, changed the start/end dates, or dropped it entirely.

While most of North America shifts at 2:00 a.m. local time—meaning each time zone shifts one hour after the other—the EU shifts all at once. In some countrys or states only part of each participates. For example, while California and New Mexico shift, only part of Arizona does, and near the equator—where daylight doesn’t vary much—there’s no need to switch.

There are pros and cons to debate if the practice is still necessary or desirable, but as an energy saving practice it no longer seems significant considering how energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs—and energy in general—are so readily available.

On the positive side, the shift serves as a reminder to check a seasonal to do list: replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replace furnace filters and reprogram thermostats, get the latest flu vaccine and get rid of hazardous materials like old paint cans via scheduled community collections, double-check lighting cords and turn on the CFLs!


in multiples: pendants

If all the world’s a stage, we want better lighting! No matter the fixture, lighting always creates drama. Concert-goers remember a favorite song, maybe the playlist, but they always comment on the light show!

Lighting sets a mood and is the first extension of the architecture of a space into room settings—so choose accordingly. Direct or fluorescent lighting is best used in places like offices or schools where energy efficiency and high clarity are priorities. While warmer lighting—usually low wattage—is great in multiples to cast a flattering glow.

hint: research and imagine the possibilities!


watch: colored lighting cords

Bold colors were strong accents in the all-neutral room settings throughout Milan—but they were pleasantly surprising as lighting cords too.

Whether bright red or a rich blue, they stood out and enhanced beautifully proportioned lighting designs.

We love this idea and incorporated it into the utility pendant and discus floor lamps from this Spring’s assortment—just wait until daylight savings and our new lighting this Fall!


lighting modern spaces

It’s just four more weeks until the days start getting longer again on winter solstice, December 21st.

Until then, daylight is brief and soft. All the more reason to focus on indoor lighting to enhance a space or create a mood for entertaining.

Start by picking a central location in each room and do a 360. This will help identify problem areas which the following hints may solve.

1. Floor lamps can add drama, brighten a corner, open up space and make a room feel bigger.

2. “Up” lighting can make a room feel taller and more airy. Consider small table lamps on top of low bookcases.

3. Create your own space within a space by positioning a conical floor lamp near your favorite reading chair.

4. When decorating for holiday gatherings, use strings of white lights in unusual ways—such as clustered in a glass cylinder vase and placed on a credenza.

5. Go big or go home—add drama to a dining area by installing an oversized equator pendant.

6. Dimmer switches are incredibly easy to install and allow your existing lighting to go from bright task-type lighting to warmer entertaining-type lighting in a smooth glide—or remote!—operation.

7. If you don’t have a junction box directly above your dining table, hard-wire a pendant lamp where you can and “swag” the fixture so it hangs above it.

8. As a last resort, consider placing an arc lamp near the dining table positioned so the light falls onto the centerpiece.

9. Guide guests throughout the house, to the bathroom or coat room, using directional lighting such as smart candles down a hallway. Bonus: unlike candles, they’re safe to leave unattended while lit.

10. Save energy and use CFL’s instead of incandescent bulbs when possible.

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