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spring favorites: alicia

3 rings painting
My house is white with pops of color, so this piece will add texture yet fit within the overall clean palette. I also love the visual and symbolic simplicity of the rings.
wadsworth large candle holder
I fell in love with how our visual team styled these out—they put them with neon candlesticks which I thought was so fun and unexpected. I love their height and grandeur and think they would make a fun centerpiece that feels dramatic but not formal.
suspend media console
I think this is the most beautiful piece CB2 has ever done! It looks so high-end, yet is affordable. The combination of marble and wood is gorgeous and this piece would give any home a sophisticated, luxurious feel.

Thanks to alicia, senior director of marketing, for this submission.


host a filmfest

The day after Christmas, host a film festival curated by your guests. Gather around noon—dress code is low-glamour—everyone brings at least one DVD, picks a spot on the sectional, chair or floor pillow and it’s theirs all day. Brunch, lunch and dinner happen between movies—which are voted on only when the previous one ends.

Plan ahead and have plenty of logs for the fire, pillows and throws handy so everyone can curl up comfortably—not to mention positioning the sofa with all the best views of the flat screen. After a month or more of dressing up, traveling, shopping, cooking, wrapping…relax and enjoy the show!