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milan 2014: big pictures

Every year in Milan we see designs that embraces the smallest detail, enhances our daily lives, and look ahead to the future—all the while, looking pretty marvelous.

Armed with cutting edge technology and more condensed urban populations, how will be we transported—inside and out of them—and how will we harness the energy needed to sustain them? How will food be provided—and water?

These big picture concepts present monumental challenges designers are prepared to address—if only one person-powered bicycle pedal, or one sustainable energy petal, at a time.


milan 2014: metallics

All that glitters—metallic finishes, mirrors, and crystals—have found their way into the everyday along with ourselfies as the paparazzi!


milan 2014: graphic patterns

Perhaps it’s in effort to calm the chaos of today’s world, patterns are at their most fundamental—bold stripes, simple grids and basic circles. Good, clean, fun.


milan 2014: monday

We’re thrilled to be back in Milan for the Salone—especially after this past (seemingly endless) winter!

The Duomo is sparkling after years of cleaning—the inside restoration is still in progress—and after Sunday’s flowerfest along the canal in Navigli, window boxes are colorful again. Just outside Zona Tortona, here we’ve discovered a new favorite watering hole, Pinch, where cocktails are crafted and where we’ve met new acquaintances we hope will become new friends.

Under the watch of Leonardo da Vinci—one of the greatest designers of all times—we can’t wait to see new innovations and inspirations. Stay tuned!


watch: lipstick red