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watch: lace

It’s sometimes hard to imagine a modern life for an icon of the Victorian age—croquet anyone? But in Milan, where new is inspired by old everyday, lace has an exciting new life.

At the da Vinci museum, its complex construction technique and tools helped us appreciate its intricate and delicate beauty.

Inside and outside the fair grounds, it inspired laser cuttings in metal using modern technology—and printing on just about anything. Where else but Zona Tortona would you see outdoor wallpaper? At CB2, check out Chilewich’s crochet runner and placemats for a lacy accent to sleek modern lines.


watch: gingham

Putting a modern spin on classic gingham only enhances its timelessness. Pairing white with rich colors is key. It’s casual like a picnic in the park. It’s pure, crisp and refreshing in its simple 2-color graphics.

We love the idea of big dramatic square shapes. Check out our fab four—white square dinner plates with square placemats in black, orange or green to create a gingham inspired table setting.


watch: things that float

Like magic, the illusion of anything floating in thin air always has us in awe. We have to look for the strings attached to see how it’s done!

At the Salone furniture fair, nothing’s as impossible as it seems—it’s really just a question of where do you hide the hardware?

Sometimes it’s our biggest challenge and our greatest successes. Intrigued? Check out wall mounted shelves, cabinets and more at


watch: felt

Felt originated from wool which is about as old as the hills the sheep fed on. These new introduction at the Salone are far from folk costumes of the Highlands—they’re all stunning examples of sleek modern furniture in sophisticated neutrals and hot new colors.

While we’re anticipating new introductions this Fall, imagine what you can do now with Fedora tiles by Flor.


watch: cloth planters

There’s something especially casual about potted plants in draped cloth. Whether it’s heavy duty canvas, inexpensive jute, or metallic Tyvek—creating a “fresh from the nursery” look can be easy and inexpensive.

Weather resistant? Be a slave to fashion and throw caution to the wind. Hmm… food for thought… Spring ‘11 is right around the corner.