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watch: cloth planters

There’s something especially casual about potted plants in draped cloth. Whether it’s heavy duty canvas, inexpensive jute, or metallic Tyvek—creating a “fresh from the nursery” look can be easy and inexpensive.

Weather resistant? Be a slave to fashion and throw caution to the wind. Hmm… food for thought… Spring ‘11 is right around the corner.


watch: camouflage

Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, so it was no surprise to see camouflage go from via Montenapoleone—Milan’s Magnificent Mile—to this year’s big furniture fair.

What’s always surprising is how it’s shown… and how we’ll interpret it in our future assortments!


watch: buttons

Like whimsical garden gnomes or polka dots gone awry, buttons are fun and charming. We admire the graphic simplicity of their design—the perfect blend of form and function that glows in pure white.


watch: bicycles

For all ten days we spent in Milan for the international furniture fair, one didn’t go by without Marta suggesting we rent bicycles to get around.

In this ancient, modern and fashionable city, it comes as no surprise that these words aptly describe the hundreds of bikes we saw.

Vintage styles with straw baskets, newer ones with electronic gadgets to measure every kilometer, and stylish? Each projected the personality of the rider be they young, old, or too little to reach the pedals.
We’re looking forward to bike to work week in Chicago June 12-19th, in the meantime we’re wondering…if CB2 were a bike, what kind of bike would it be?


watch: milan i saloni 2010

Couldn’t make it to Milan for the Salone International Furniture Fair?

Let us take you there! We took thousands of photos and edited them to just under 200 of our favorites. Watch for them every day as we share the trends from A to Z.

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