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name games: halina pillow

Kala…Zooey…Halina!Amy wrote: Hi Stephen. We’ve chosen your design for a pillow for spring 2011. Please let me know what you title it. I have dubbed it “bauble” in the meantime. Thanks, much! Amy

From Stephen: Amy…. This is such great news. I can’t believe it!!!! Thank you so much! As far as naming it. Your suggestion sounds great to me. I named it Kala. So it’s totally up to you.

Amy wrote: Does Kala have any meaning?

From Stephen: Well… I name all of my work after women. So Kala is the name of a girl that I had an ongoing 3 month coffee date with. Same day every week and then after three months I never saw her again. She stopped meeting and we never exchanged numbers. So anyway…. There it is.

Amy wrote: Absolutely love it. It’s slightly “before sunrise/before sunset”….have you seen those films? We will name it Kala.

From Stephen: Yes I have seen them and I love them! I have a huge crush on Julie Delpy… Please don’t tell anyone. If you haven’t already… watch “2 Days in Paris”.

Amy wrote: I still haven’t seen “2 days in paris” but I will. This note is just to say that we just realized that in the past, we had named a pillow Kala and it is still in our system and we don’t want to confuse matters. Do you mind the name “bauble”?  Or do you have another name you would like to use? What was Julie Delpy’s name in before sunrise? Was it Celine?  Maybe that’s too pretty since the design is whimsical…let’s put on our thinking caps; The design is so artful; Any other pretty girl names that you like? What about Zooey or something? Help. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

From Stephen: Hmmmm….Ok we can do this. Here are a few: Beata, Kasia, Tekla, Halina, Jagoda…

Amy wrote: We like Halina! Is she another love/crush?

From Stephen: I love it!!! That was actually the name of my experimental painting professor!

Thanks to designer stephen crowhurst and amy, former product manager assistant, for their permission to reprint their communications.


name games: amy's family

Judy: These ornaments remind me of Russian nesting dolls.

Raymond: They remind me of Amy’s family—especially with the house in the background since her husband’s an architect and they just bought a place.

Judy: Wonder how she’d feel if we named them after Jimmy and their son Jaden?

Amy: Hah! That’s very funny—even though Jimmy doesn’t have a goatee and I’m a brunette. I’ll see if he’d be ok with naming them after us.

Judy: But they’re just as adorable as you three.

Amy: It’s a go—he laughed and agreed.

Judy: Whew! That helps a lot—we’re running out of time and naming product isn’t my best quality. Thanks Amy and Merry Christmas!

Meet amy, former product manager assistant, judy and raymond, product managers.