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As trees begin to bud, the sounds of songbirds
of all varieties can be heard while venturing out
of their nests in search of food for their young.

Just like everyone else, different birds prefer different types of foods. To learn what bird seeds or blends specific birds like best, check out the National Bird-Feeding Society—with a focus on research and education of backyard birds, they’re dedicated to helping make the bird feeding and bird watching hobby a better backyard experience.

There are a few standard ingredients in bird food such as sunflower seeds, corn, thistle, milo, safflower seeds, millet—other types are suet, nectar, fruit or insects. For example, orioles and mockingbirds are attracted to fruits like apples, oranges and raisins while bluebirds are partial
to insects like mealworms.

Once you’ve determined what types of birds are indigenous to your area, and which ones you’d
like to attract, visit your local pet or garden store
for the proper mix to make sure they’re well fed. The tweet bird feeder holds one quart of seed
but packages come in many blends and sizes.

Happy bird watching, Happy Earth Day and
Happy Easter!