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the carsten höller experience: new york

photo by: Mesaj What: Carsten Höller: Experience
When: now thru January 22, 2012
Where: New Museum

Experiencing art is an individual, emotional experience—different for every one and perhaps never quite the same for a revisiting viewer.

The Carsten Höller: Experience exhibit at the New Museum brings new meaning to this idea as it toys with and challenges engrained perceptions of the outside world.

Drawing on inspiration from scientific experiments—and through amusement parks or playgrounds—he attempts to manipulate viewer’s physical and psychological sensations creating uncertainty and doubt.


kudos: the new design high school

New Design High School is a small high school in New York City where the design process is used as the foundation for learning everything—from academics and artistry to the emotional and social skill sets needed to live a healthy, productive life.

With the goal of understanding real world contexts, self-expression and problem solving, this new type of high school engages its students in the processes of design: observing behavior, identifying needs, framing problems, working collaboratively, exploring and appreciating solutions, weighing alternatives, and communicating ideas verbally, graphically and physically—all which extend outside a classroom and beyond graduation.

By integrating these 7 idea, concept and process steps of the design process into a high school curriculum, students learn how to identify and create solutions to any problem—just like designers do.

New Design High School was co-founded by Urban Arts Partnership, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to advance the intellectual, social and artistic development of underserved public school students through arts-integrated education programs to close the achievement gap. As NDHS’s lead cultural partner, Urban Arts provides arts-integrated education programs to complement the school’s design-based curriculum and methodology.

We’re thrilled to have been introduced to NDHS and to have partnered with them for our Eastside NY store opening in October. To see how we celebrated, check out the photos in our facebook gallery. And to learn more about the school, watch Principal Scott Conti’s talk at the 2010 TEDxDUMBO event.


preserving belkin's mural: new york

Murals are about the communities and neighborhoods that they becomes a part of—not to mention the building walls. Whether indoors or outside, inherently they’re one of the most fragile types of artwork created.

And as public art, or street art, there’s no museum staff or board of directors to protect them. Or to preserve them—one of the biggest challenges for outdoor works which are exposed to harsh elements 24/7.

Thankfully, the Heritage Preservation—a DC based national organization—is recognizing the need for such preservation and restoration at the local, community level.

Earlier this month it assessed Against Domestic Colonialism, a 50’ x 60’ outdoor mural in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Painted in 1972, the stucco—or canvas of the mural—is separating from the building’s wall, most likely due to water seepage between the two. Over time, colors have faded and large areas have simply fallen off looking like missing puzzle pieces.

Over the past few years, Hell’s Kitchen has been getting more attention and rehabilitation. But it was over 30 years ago that CITYArts, inc., found Belkin to create a work on one of the building walls overlooking May Mathews and Alexandra Palmer Park.

Other major cities also have mural arts programs such as Los Angeles and Chicago—but in Philadelphia, where hundreds of murals can be found, their Mural Arts Program employs hundreds of artists, gives tours, and generates millions for the local economy.

Referring to artist Arnold Belkin’s mural as not only his only outdoor work in the US, but also one of the most endangered public murals in the country in need of urgent preservation efforts. Today, Heritage Preservation considers about a dozen equally significant murals to be highly endangered.

Thanks to skip, soho sales, for the photo.


opening day: eastside new york

This past Saturday, October 22nd, the newest CB2 store opened in Eastside, New York. With sincere gratitude, Thank You to everyone who came by to say hello, and of course to stay, play, sit…wag a tail. We <3 NY!


talk to me exhibit: new york

photo by: ElAlispruz What: Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects
When: now thru November 7, 2011
Where: MoMA

Communication is what this exhibition is all about so Talk to Me features a vast array of objects and concepts we interact with—from furniture and physical products, devices and tools, computer and machine interfaces, websites and video games to installations and environments that create emotional reactions.

Many of these objects are gateways or interpreters allowing us to expand our world beyond the here and now. To see ideas that were inspired by the exhibit, check out beyond the galleries at