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one of a finds: kamba sisal baskets

Bawa La Tumaini in Kenya, which translates to ‘Wing of Hope’ in English, buys raw materials and pays only women to produce products such as baskets, jewelry, etc.

By marketing and managing the goods so they can be delivered to customers and retailers, Bawa La Tumaini is a bridge to greater prosperity and education for many families in Africa. In the process, they educate women on issues of equality and provide the financing needed for them to become independent with 75% of the proceeds going to the tribe.

Most aspects of hand-made African art pieces have significance and here, the green fabric lining represents the earth and the orange represents the sun.Bawa La Tumaini works with many independent village-based groups whose members work from their homes then meet weekly at a central location within the village to bring in the products they have been working on, and to be briefed or debrief on production.

These small producers are geographically spread out and usually each tribe has its own specialty—ie, different tribes specialize in different products or techniques.

Traditional basket weavers who live in the semi-arid region of the South Eastern province of Kenya, the weavers of the kamba baskets are The Ladies of the Kamba community.

Once The Ladies finish weaving a number of baskets, and a quality control team does its work, a different group sews the lining inside. This invites more than one group to the process—so the positive economic impact can be shared with as many families as possible.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only as a limited edition for collectors and enthusiasts—the kamba baskets are sold as a set of 2, one of each, and have a release of 200.

Note: this one of a find will be available mid-October.


one of a finds: fluorescent lips and eyes painting

With the film industry of India’s move to digital vinyl billboards, sadly, the talents of an almost extinct community of Bollywood artists—known for their kitschy, glamorous movie posters and sets—is no longer in high demand.

Once required to produce up to 20 posters a day, this special initiative provides the artists not only a new source of income, but also the opportunity for a slower pace focused on their skills and passion for painting.

In an effort to keep their art alive, each fluorescent lips and eyes painting is a collage of details that takes its inspiration from the most vibrant and colorful vintage posters and is hand-painted and signed by these original masters.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only as a limited edition for collectors and enthusiasts—the fluorescent lips/eyes painting has a fall 2011 release of 624.


one of a finds: accept and be poster

CB2 is honored to present a limited-edition of accept and be posters in celebration of Gay Pride Month, June 2011.

Created in collaboration with Kennedy Prints!, a one-man letterpress printery in Gordo, Alabama, each poster is created using handset wood type and oil-based inks on eco-friendly chipboard made from lumber industry salvage.

Three simple words—accept and be—are transformed into a powerful graphic mantra radiating optimism and confidence. Each unique poster is to be appreciated for its spontaneous colors mixed by sight and variations in layout and font.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only in a small reserve for collectors and enthusiasts. This special poster has a limited edition release of 1139—271 available online; remainder available in CB2 stores while quantities last—and Kennedy Prints! guarantees no two prints will be the same.

free download: Accept and Be desktop image
Kennedy Prints! and CB2 share the mission of making art and design accessible to all. We invite you to download this free “Accept and Be” graphic by Kennedy Prints! as your desktop image. Spread the good words and share.


one of a finds: knead it side table

Inspired by the centuries-old red lacquer wood kneading bowls of the Chettiar in Tamil Nadu, India, each knead it side table is handpainted in an optimistic burst of bright calligraphic squiggles and brushstrokes.

The striking designs are hand-painted by artisans in the northwestern state of Rajasthan—one of India’s largest regions—in the city of Jaipur. Their skills were once used to support India’s huge signboard industry, but with the rise in technology these painters have been replaced as companies turn to computer graphics and digitally designed signboards.

One of a Finds are offered one time only in a small reserve for collectors and enthusiasts— this table is from a limited edition of 500.


one of a finds: chapatti rolling pins

Traditionally gifted to Indian women in their wedding dowries, these vintage chapatti rolling pins, or belan, recall the daily ritual of rolling out unleavened dough on a chakla board to prepare the round breads essential to every Indian meal.

Gathered from different states, this collection represents a culinary tour of India. Three black pins from Rajasthan are sized wider for the northern region’s thicker chapatti. Two slender, colorful lacquered pins from the western state of Gujarat shape thin delicate roti. Two brown pins are intricately grooved to achieve the cracker-thin papadum of the southern regions.

While each is authentic, they have been preserved for display as conversation-worthy objects only.

photo by: mckaysavage