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only in ???: tool sharing libraries

photo by: Mr Thinktank The weather is permitting more outdoor activities so if you’re thinking about a home improvement project but lack the proper tools, check out Wikipedia’s list of tool lending libraries to see if there’s one near you.


only in south beach: deco bike 

To be completely honest, bicycle rentals are available in many cities—especially in Europe—but only in South Beach Miami will you find Deco Bike with solar powered rental/sharing stations.

They’re new so check them out, take a spin, and enjoy the ride!

Thanks to tameeka, store manager south beach, for this submission.


only in san francisco: hayes valley farm

during, photo by: cjmartin

Only in San Francisco will you find Hayes Valley Farm—a temporary community farm built on the site of a former freeway exit ramp that was made unsafe by an earthquake in 1989.

The land will eventually be redeveloped since it’s zoned for residential use, but in the meantime the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development issued a grant to a team of volunteers to start a non-profit farm.

Mayor Newson’s ‘Directive for Healthy and Sustainable Food for San Francisco’ jump-started the farm—the goal being to increase awareness and offer educational opportunities about urban agriculture and sustainability—bonus was to revive a vacant lot while beautifying the neighborhood.

The latest news report shared by Hayes farm is that they’re growing fava beans and clover to ‘fix’ nitrogen in the soil. In the near future, they’ll focus on indigenous plants that will thrive in San Francisco’s coastal climate—good stuff like squash, leafy greens, potatoes, herbs, citrus…

photo by: cjmartin photo by: cjmartin

after, photo by: cjmartin

Hayes Valley Farm uses cardboard to ‘sheet-mulch’ the soil—a technique to generate more fertile soil by suppressing the growth of unwanted plants and weeds, while absorbing and retaining nourishing moisture, and balancing carbon and nitrogen in the soil. First, lay cardboard sheets, then add layers of manure and mulch 3 or 4 feet deep and cover with top soil. Lastly, plant fava beans and clover to fix nitrogen in the soil and to balance out the carbon-rich cardboard and mulch.


only in hollywood: oscar night

photo by: David Jones

Turn on the spotlights, roll out the red carpet…the Academy Awards only take place in Hollywood.

Sunday night the most coveted trophies in town will be awarded for the 83rd time. What started as a small affair in 1929—a banquet at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel—has become one of the most watched events in the world. That year about 275 guests paid $5.00 to attend—but this year approximately 40 million in over 200 countries are expected to tune in to the broadcast.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the nominees!

Thanks to whitney, west hollywood sales, for this window display.


only in new york: fashion week

photo by: Art Comments photo by: Art Comments

Invitations are mailed, tents go up, lights go on and lines form as New York Fashion Week jump starts the global fashion calendar—soon followed by Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and Paris.

First held in 1943 to keep attention stateside during wartime, Fashion Week happens twice a year—in February to show ‘Fall’ fashions, and in September to show ‘Spring’ of the coming year. Lincoln Center is the hot-spot since it hosts Mercedes-Benz┬« Fashion Week but events happen all over the city.

Watch for “Fashion’s Night Out in September” but until then, don’t leave home without lipstick, check yourself 360 in the mirror, and keep your camera handy.

photo by: maveric2003

photo by: christopher macsurak

Thanks to jen, store manager soho, for this submission.