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animal rescue: lola

Just the facts: Lola was rescued with the help of Chicago Pit Stop Rescue and is just 18 months old.

Before she was discovered: Lola was roaming the streets as a stray dog so Animal Control gave her shelter. When they found her, she couldn’t use her front right leg—it’s possible she was hit by a car which shattered her shoulder. She got the medical care she needed, which included the necessary amputation of her leg, and was living with a foster family until we brought her home for the weekend—and that was that! Today, she has a trainer to help with her new transition to family life and is waiting for a cart that will allow her to be more active outside.

Nicknames: I call her Ms. Lolly—my husband often greets her with “rorry ro ro”, our kids refers to her as Snugglebug or Pooh Bear, and her walker affectionately calls her Lollipop because she loves to jump up and give you a kiss.

Favorite Snack: beef marrow bones, organic turkey breast—and nitrate free bacon.

Talent Show: using her puppy dog eyes to make you fall head over heels in love with her, and she has the gift of gab—very good at barking!

Favorite hangouts: snoring the day away on a bed and playing with her rockball in the backyard.

Guilty pleasure: a total belly rub Queen who would be content to lie by your side getting belly rubs until she falls asleep and snores like Grandpa.



Featuring 150 images sourced from a major international photography exhibition, humanity: a celebration of friendship, family, love & laughter is everything its subtitle claims.

The subjects and settings of each photo are as diverse as the earth—in age, geography and locale. We’re reminded of just how small the world we share truly is, as the underlying theme of humanity connects us all.


redefined: the family

Awhile back, CB2 team members were invited to participate in a photo shoot highlighting their family and family of friends.

In the process we got to know ‘who’s who’ in each other’s family and learned that, much like the range of colors in the family rug, they varied greatly—especially when it came to family pets.

We hope you enjoy the outtakes as much as we did creating them!


animal rescue: etta

Just the facts: Etta is 8-1/2 years old but has the energy and sassiness of a puppy. Her days are filled with walks, hiding toys or rawhides around the house, playing with other dogs—and lots of naps.

Favorite toys: She cannot live without her elephant, zebra, or orange bone.

Before she was discovered: Etta was adopted from PAWS Chicago just a few months ago after being at another shelter in Illinois for several months. We don’t know why she was originally given up, but the original shelter transferred her to PAWS to increase her chances of being adopted.  

Talent Show: Her most adorable and well known features are her long ears, her enormous paws and her very soulful but loud howl—similar to Etta James’ singing.

Nicknames: Since adopting her, several nicknames—including Noisy Noodle and Rowdy Rigatoni—
have been found to fit her personality.

Unfortunately, the photo shoot including Etta didn’t make the final cut. To her mom, it was nothing personal—we loved working with her!


the Polaroid collection: düsseldorf

By Mike from Vancouver, Canada
(Polaroid One-Step Uploaded by Trycatch)
[CC-BY-2.0 (]
via Wikimedia Commons
What: The Polaroid Collection
When: now thru August 5
Where: NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

Believe it or not, both infamous artists Ansel Adams and Andy Warhol created works using Instant Photography.

While Instagram is based on it, and one never knows which piece of it may end up in a museum, the legendary 500+ Polaroid Collection is now on exhibit at the NRW-Düsseldorf.

Thanks to a group of artists, led by Chuck Close, in 2009 the Vienna Museum saved the European collection from auction—which, as part of the bankruptcy process, could have broken up the collection.

Created by Edwin Land in the late 1940s, the Land Camera offered a new medium to those with an “artistic interest in the world around them”. In reality, it became the camera anyone could easily operate—but not necessarily master the developing process.

During the 1950s, Polaroid—along with mentor and early contributor Ansel Adams—supported the constant development and improvement of new instant cameras. And in the 60s the Collection of works began with company sponsorship of cameras and film to select photographers—approximately 4400 pieces by 800 international artists—some of which will be included in the exhibit.