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recipe: mystery chili

Mild, spicy or 5-alarm? Beef, pork or vegetarian? Red kidney, or bean-free? The weather’s signaling that it’s time for football, sweaters, and comfort food. But did you ever stop to think it’s the one dish that inspires an International Chili Society? and countless chili cook-offs??

Flatiron, calla, modern—we’ve got a bowl for every type of chili. What’s your recipe??


recipe: grilled brewers chicken

photo courtesy of: stevendepolochicken legs and thighs—avg 2.5 per person
1 can of beer
baking pan
barbeque sauce

Prep the night before by laying out all the chicken in a deep baking pan. Douse with a can of beer and bake overnight at 200° F.

In the a.m., chill until the grill’s ready and add sauce as desired—happy barbeque-ing and happy Labor Day!


recipe: spiked watermelon

photo courtesy of: stevendepolo

1 watermelon, average size
1 pint vodka

The night before serving, carefully cut a hole 1-2” in diameter in the center of the watermelon, pour in vodka, then chill overnight.

Cut to serve, eat responsibly, and Happy 4th!


recipe: adam's manhattan

3 cubes of ice
3 parts bourbon
1 part sweet vermouth
dash of bitters
a stick of cherries

Just the way I like it—in a marta double old-fashioned!

Thanks to adam, store manager lincoln park, for this submission.


recipe: white wine sangria

1 bottle of chardonnay
1/2 cup triple sec
1/4 cup brandy
1-1/2 cups club soda
1/8 cup sugar
slices of oranges, lemons, limes and green grapes

Mix and chill everything—except the club soda—an hour before serving.
Serve over ice and add club soda right before serving—or put on the side to top off.

´╗┐hint: Reserve some fruit to garnish and drink carefully—it goes down like fruit juice especially when it’s blazing hot!