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going dutch, part I

Every April we visit Milan for the annual Salone Fair and we come home with a year’s worth of inspiration. From via Montenapoleone to the da Vinci Museum, bicycles made a big impression since they carpeted the urban landscape.

Throughout our ten day visit—thanks to Eyjafjallajökull—we took hundreds of photos of all the bikes we saw wherever we went, and we made note of the details from the front to the rear tires and from the handlebars to the pedals. But it started with….

the milan/city rentals… and rentals in zona tortona… from the tires…and wheel covers… charming handlebars, bells… and baskets… comfortable…and well-worn seats… wheel covers… to keep skirts from getting caught in the spokes… to stowage… over the rear tire.

We loved all of it. So what did we do when we got home? Find out tomorrow, right here.


watch: split logs

Piles of split logs in these racks and fire pits create one-of-a-kind sculptures highlighting the natural beauty of raw wood.  Repetition is key, not to mention the variety of color and texture of the different species.

All the reasons we love the darjeeling table which is made from reclaimed railroad ties. Each section has its own individual beauty which enhances the whole and makes it truly unique.


watch: wood

We’re always amazed when a trend hits all categories at the same time: home, fashion, movies… when was the last time you saw so many clogs?

Natural, chunky wood has been a refreshing change from dark wenge finishes we’ve seen these past few years. It’s a surefire way to bring nature indoors—to help us reconnect as we admire the beauty of each unique piece.

Obviously they aren’t created overnight so if we could ask for your patience, we hope you’ll be as excited as we are to introduce a one-of-a-find this July which was inspired by these stunning examples.


watch: wall clocks

We almost went crazy there were so many cuckoo clocks in Milan! We love how this quirky, folky timepiece has us smiling every hour it entertains us.

In this digital age while waiting for the volcanic ash to clear us for take-off, these functional toys reminded us how enjoyable it is to slow down, smell the flowers and play with the dogs in the park.


watch: string

Like jazz music, tangled wires and cords can feel frenetic and complicated—yet structured at the same time. Whether holding paddle boards in mid-air or creating wall art, these pieces make perfect sense of today’s complex world—just like our wire blackbird and reed dining chair.

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