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one of a finds: seven fortunes vases

This assemblage of miniature ceramics is the vision of an emerging Chinese design collective, Spin.

In their studio just outside Shanghai, seven young designers honor the 13th Century Yuan Dynasty porcelain-making traditions of the town of Jingdezhen in stunning pieces that speak to modern times.

At the same time, they are reviving the ancient qualities of Jingdezhen porcelain: white as jade, thin as paper, clear as glass, sweet-sounding as a chime. Using only the finest Kaolin clay, natural drying techniques and authentic Jingdezhen glazes.

The Seven Fortunes, derived from Chinese mythology and considered gifts from Heaven, are each designated with an auspicious Chinese character whose meaning finds expression in the hand-shaped form of each porcelain vase. Prosperity is the largest; Joy opens wide in laughter; Health is robust.

What meaning can you interpret in Longevity, Happiness, Inner Peace and Contentment?