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how to: paint glass vases

clear glass vases
glass paint, paint-thinner
disposable bowls—paper, ceramic, foil
plastic utensils
drop cloth or kraft paper

1. Prepare a work area by spreading the drop cloth or kraft paper over a work surface/area.

2. Select a color palette—we found that the darker colors were more successful, more opaque since there is more pigment in the liquid.

3. Pour glass paint into bowls and mix well with a plastic spoon—we also added glass-paint-thinner to make the quantity go farther.

4. Hold the glass vase by the rim and dip it into the bowl of paint.

5. Slowly rotate the vase around the bowl in a fluid movement until it has covered the vase as preferred.

6. Lift the vase and let excess paint drip into the bowl—it make take 5-10 minutes for the paint to stop dripping.

4-6 Alternate process: apply the paint using a paintbrush for a slightly different effect.

7. Carefully hold the vase at an angle equal to the dip-line and blow dry until the paint is semi-dry—about 10 minutes. Hold the hairdryer per the paint instructions—about 8” from the vase. Hint: we found a lower heat setting worked well.

8. Place the vase on a drop cloth or kraft paper so that it dries completely—we used upside down paper bowls.

9. To seal the paint, allow the vases to dry overnight or place them in the oven—follow the instructions on the paint bottle label as they will vary with each manufacturer.


national cherry blossom festival: washington, dc

photo by: Ron Cogswell

What: the National Cherry Blossom Festival
Where: Washington, DC
When: now!

A rite of Spring is the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. This year however it celebrates its Centennial—the 100th anniversary of the gift of the cherry trees from Japan—so record breaking attendance is expected, especially with the early arrival of warm weather.

In conjunction with the festival, many other cultural activities are planned—check the events calendar but don’t miss the Blossom Kite Festival on March 31st or the 100 years of Kimono exhibit at the Mandarin Oriental.

There’s also the 5x5 project, a curated city-wide contemporary public art exhibit featuring 25 temporary art installations which will be on display throughout the celebration—a few for up to four months.

Thanks to jake, store manager georgetown, dc for this submission.


spring favorites: megan

fujiya floor lamp
the drama this adds and the material combination feels so fresh in a living room or a bedroom… it’s very spa-like.
govino stemless wine glasses set of four
I recently bought a bunch of these
to bring on my friends boat and for evening cocktails in the park while
our dog Monroe stretches her legs.
thesi pool loveseat
…love this more than words can express. I’m going to buy it for my back hall to brighten my day each time I walk in the door. The blue is perfect to add color and life to a boring hallway and the soft seat is perfect to put my shoes on and bike to work in the morning.

Thanks to megan, associate product manager, for this submission.


spring favorites: raymond

drums painting
fun and groovy—love the colors in this original piece of artwork.
graphic lady runner
from Creativity Explored—amazing design, a beautiful and complex composition.
twist bistro table
sustainable wood, great for small spaces, what a value!


spring favorites: april

stairway bookcase
create a resource library with real books or fill the shelves with art projects, knick-knacks—even dinnerware.
cage pendant lamp
great design at a great price.
petite chair
so modern and so comfortable!

Thanks to april, catalog merchandise manager, for this submission.