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spring favorites: sandra

ous hanging candleholder
like the hokey-pokey, sometimes brass is in style, sometimes it’s out…
but I’ve always loved the warmth of this finish—especially combined with glow of candlelight—and it feels completely natural on an organic silhouette like this.
poodle pouf
so 70s, 80s and now—reminds me
of the carpeted walls in Graceland, our sunken living room in the suburbs—it would work anywhere
in my place today!
grid hemp rug
there’s so much to love—the texture, the sustainability, the colors and pattern…but it’ll have to go in my virtual beach house since I don’t have the perfect place for it…yet.


one of a finds: carpenter bench

Ingrained in Indian culture for centuries, the craft of woodworking embodies a rich sense of history. To this day, the skill of the badhi (carpenter) is taught father to son, assuring the trade will thrive for generations.

Dating back up to 30 years, these vintage handcrafted carpenter benches offer a snapshot of a bygone era, gathered from rural carpentry sites, schools and roadside dhabas (rest stops) throughout India. Simple in construction, they were an important tool of carpenters who planed and shaped rough cuts of wood into refined objects of art, large and small—from impressive doorways and intricate handicrafts to basic furniture for everyday living.

Hewn from solid teak or mango—local woods favored for their strength and heft—each bench is unique, with natural weathering, splitting and knots inherent to the wood species. Occasional traces of paint and exposed hardware may be present, adding to the distinct “as found” character of each piece.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only in a small reserve for collectors and enthusiasts—the carpenter’s bench has a limited edition release of 170.


one of a finds: drums painting

Each drums painting is an original handpainted oil painted canvas—numbered handsigned by one of an almost extinct community of Bollywood artists known for their kitschy, glam movie posters and sets.

With the Mumbai film industry’s move to digital vinyl billboards, the talent of these fine artists is no longer in high demand. In an effort to keep this art form alive, these limited-edition signed paintings from the hands of the original masters are commissioned exclusively for CB2.

Once required to produce up to 20 posters a day during their movie careers, this special initiative provides the artists not only a new source of income, but the opportunity for a slower pace focused on their skills and passion for painting.

Abstracting dance, music and pigment in a vibrant stylization of subjects—both representational and cubist, Eastern and Western—these elements speak to the universality of the drummer’s beat.

One of a Finds original works are offered one time only in a small reserve for collectors and enthusiasts. This special CB2 find has a limited edition release of 360.


spring favorites: curtis

hitch marigold stool
construction site chic.
nara stacking candleholders set/6
definitely buying these for my next cocktail party!
luck side table
a great design—and with a pop of my favorite color.

Thanks to curtis, CB2 creative director, for this submission.


ready for some spring cleaning?

What began as a necessary chore—since most homes were heated by the burning of coal which coated everything with soot—spring cleaning is a right of passage. That we survived another winter.

The goal is clean and minimal—even if you have hundreds of books and a large but curated and alphabetized collection of LPs.

Step one: sort. What can be donated or tossed?

Step two: once you know what’s staying and needs to be stored properly, research options.

Step three: color code. Red, hot. Carbon grey or white, definitely cooler and a lower priority.

hint: two words…multi, functional. Think outside the box and get creative with credenzas, boxes and bins. A high-dining table can be great as a work surface, a mini-bar can work great in an entryway, and a side table can definitely move into a bedroom as a nightstand.