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spring favorites: sandra

SAIC adorn floor screen
Working with the students was a great experience—so I admit that
I’m biased and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites. Camille’s floor screen made it to the top three because it’s an incredible space saver, it’s uniquely functional,
looks fantastic empty or loaded up—
it’s the trifecta of form, function,
and value.
SAIC valet 23.5” jewelry cabinet with mirror
Josh’s jewelry cabinet elegantly
encourages you to complete a look
with touches of shiny, pretty, sparkly
things—it’s also androgynous
to accommodate larger watches,
bow ties, keys—and the idea of hanging it in an entryway so you wouldn’t forget when dashing off…
SAIC cache storage cabinet
I’m a collector in what seems like a smaller space every time I bring home more finds. So Chester’s cabinet will do double duty as a slim surface for essentials like a lamp, a clock, a vase—while storing the not so pretty stuff where it can be easily accessed.


watch: mint green


how to: live in small spaces

1. Think outside the box when it comes to settling into a small space. Start by asking what are the basics needed to keep you comfortable, functional, and safe—then wonder and research ways to make it work for you.

2. Keep it simple and edit to essentials.

3. When you have minimal floor space, go up! Loft a space if possible, stack hive or other storage units when not.

4. Let the light shine in for an airy, open, free mood—privacy considered, skip the curtains.

5. Choose furniture for maximum function in a minimum amount of space—the alpine bed with a nightstand/shelf integrated into the headboard is a perfect example.

6. When any storage is better than none, a narrow wall-mounted hyde storage unit in ‘dead’ space is sheer genius—bonus is that it also keeps counter-tops free of clutter.

7. Multi-use furniture, like the peekaboo console, can be used as a desk, an entryway landing pad, or a buffet when entertaining.

8. Look for glass top tables or acrylic pieces to reduce visual clutter—like the yield coffee table or the wall mounted format cube.

9. The torino grey side table not only fits into extra-small spaces, the storage drawer is a bonus!

10. Furniture on wheels makes it easier to rearrange small spaces for any event.


designer hint: hive storage units

We love when our creative visual merchants get together for a store opening—you never know what they’ll dream up.

And many times, it’s simply a matter of seeing something from another perspective. Like a row of hive storage units behind the piazza sofa doing double duty as a storage unit and a convenient console—both are about the same height so it works perfectly!

For more photos from the opening, go here.

Thanks to vance, senior visual merchant east, for this hint.


designer solutions for small(er) space living

When CB2 Soho opened in 2007, I relocated to Brooklyn from Chicago as store designer. New York being a bit more densly populated, once I found a place it was time to get creative with my smaller space. Especially since I’m not the kind of guy who has only 6 pairs of shoes—and gives up one when he buys a 7th.

I got the biggest bang for my footprint buck with floor to ceiling shelves in the hall. They stow a space heater or A/C unit, tax files and a printer, air mattress and extra blankets, a suitcase and 12 pairs of shoes! A canvas tarp as a curtain not only hides the stash, it adds texture and dramatically heightens the space.

In the living room, a halogen credenza doubles as a media center and library storing audio equipment and art books. The high gloss finish contrasts nicely with a ladder, left behind by the painters, that’s been repurposed as a magazine rack.

But I’m proudest of the kitchen. With so many to-go options, the oven is great for storing pots and pans. Martini glasses fit perfectly in the refrigerator crisper and freezer—and they’re pre-chilled!

A reclaimed 3-drawer dresser not only makes a great work island, it’s closed storage for less display worthy treasures while format shelves give a museum quality to my Kidrobot® and Hot Wheels® collectibles.

All said and done, my dream of modern minimalism has become my eco-conscious reality—especially in winter when my bike fits perfectly above the kitchen cabinets.

Thanks to vance, store designer soho, for this submission.