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summer favorites: sara

cement grey side table
these look amazing everywhere
—as side tables outside, as nightstands in a bedroom, they add such a warm, rustic texture.
shore polyterrazzo planters
love the proportions and the natural element for outdoor.
playa armless chair and low table
cool mid-century California living feel—and fresh with the white woven frame and grey seat cushions.

Thanks to sara, product manager, for this submission.


summer favorites: sandra

bask white sun lounger
this might be the only way I’ll sit still for an extended period of time…
with a magazine or the newspaper, wearing sunglasses and a big hat.
glass beverage dispenser
with a large double-wall cooler, this would be on the tallest timber table with lots of white wine sangria in it!
timber side tables set of 3
for years I’ve coveted a path made
of timber slices so I love this look and each could hold a different necessity —a books, sunscreen, a cool drink…


behind the shoot: 5411 empanadas

Ironically, it was a ‘roadblock’ to growing a small business that forced 5411 to find a solution— one which created the first empanadas food truck in Chicago.

Specialty food trucks have redefined the old breakfast and lunch take-away versions found at industrial or construction sites—starting on the West Coast and in New York just a few years ago, food trucks have helped small catering businesses get off the ground by keeping overhead low and mobility high.

Created by three Argentine friends—Mariano, Andrés and Nicolás—each with a wildly different profession before leaving them to pursue a dream. But they kept two key aspects—the savory flavors and the telephone connection to their home—54 is the country code for Argentina and 11 is the area code for Buenos Aires.

Word-of-mouth is one of their favorite elements of being a small food business—ironically— and how we learned about 5411 in the first place. So share the news, it’s good business.


memorial day, 2012

photo by: genvessel Whistle, skip, wear flip-flops, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses—remember and honor— enjoy summer!


mix tape no.30

Summer Birds, Sound Dogs Dot Com

1. Summertime, Sam Cooke, 1957
2. In the Summertime, Shaggy, 1995
3. Summertime, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, 1991
4. One Summer Night, All For One, 1999
5. Three Little Birds, Bob Marley, 1977
6. Summer, War, 1976
7. The Summer Wind, Lyle Lovett, 2003
8. Hot Summer Day, Cool Breeze
9. Surfin’ USA, The Beach Boys, 1963
10. America the Beautiful, Whitney Houston, 1991