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memorial day, 2012

photo by: genvessel Whistle, skip, wear flip-flops, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses—remember and honor— enjoy summer!


mix tape no.30

Summer Birds, Sound Dogs Dot Com

1. Summertime, Sam Cooke, 1957
2. In the Summertime, Shaggy, 1995
3. Summertime, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, 1991
4. One Summer Night, All For One, 1999
5. Three Little Birds, Bob Marley, 1977
6. Summer, War, 1976
7. The Summer Wind, Lyle Lovett, 2003
8. Hot Summer Day, Cool Breeze
9. Surfin’ USA, The Beach Boys, 1963
10. America the Beautiful, Whitney Houston, 1991


summer favorites: megan

terracotta planter
because I love the timeless-ness of terracotta in such a modern shape— they make little trees and herbs pop!
eddy round outdoor table
love eddy because you can cluster
a few of them to make a staggered long table outside with friends and pull them apart for bistro grilling— when it’s just the two of us during
the week.
rex clover arm chair
for a fun pop of color on our very bare city deck.

Thanks to megan, associate product manager, for this submission.


setting small outdoor scenes

Think of an urban balcony as a small corner of a larger—outdoor!—room by using one or two big-scale furniture pieces to define its use. Outdoor living is relaxed and leisurely and how better to express that, and use it as such, than with bold playa. The white woven base is visually airy while the wide, platform seating is inviting for long summer reads in sun or shade.

And if floor space is too tight to plant greenery—go up! with titan, pony, or shore polyterrazo planters.


summer favorites: april

tube glasses
…they stack!
techno plates
…geometry is my middle name, baby.
valentina chair
…they stack too!

Thanks to april, catalog merchandise manager, for this submission.