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10 essentials: dave

1. Family. My fiancee Chad—who makes me laugh—and our best furry friends Oscar and Wilbur.

2. I start my mornings with large iced Americanos—made at home with a Jura coffee machine—they’re a great kick start and they get me through most of the day.

3. Favoring refined lines, a black Mini Cooper—solid color, no fuss just beautiful details—is in keeping with most of what hangs in my closet.

4. A Fitbit Force keeps me motivated to exercise daily—I’m checking my steps constantly.

5. Just about any documentary—historical, biographical, random popular culture—but I could watch Unzipped and Bill Cunningham New York over and over…

6. In all its forms, Architecture is interesting and inspiring—especially here in Chicago where it’s at a world-class level both historically and with new, modern structures being added every year. Favorites are Mies van der Rohe, Bertrand Goldberg and Rocio Romero.

7. A few years ago, I bought my first print by Amos Kennedy—over time it’s grown into a prized collection so it’s featured in a prime location of the living room.

8. A pair of brass peacocks I won on eBay—I love mixing vintage with modern.

9. We recently built a home in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago and we love wandering, exploring and having dinner at our favorite restaurant—the modern Korean Jin Ju.

10. I always dreamed of a home with a yard—gardening is a great way to enjoy being outside, learn a new hobby, and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. To maintain it, we bought a Worx lawn mower with a rechargeable battery. And our new rechargeable battery operated Snow Joe snow blower has been essential to get us through the Polar Vortex winter—it arrived days before our first snow storm!

Thanks to dave, eCommerce brand director, for this submission.


10 essentials: sara

1. My kids’ wit and creativity—they make me laugh—especially when it comes to their Halloween costumes and birthday cakes. We have a family tradition that the number of cake layers has to match their years and the kids pick the theme.

2. My husband and I travel for work and the kids always seem to have something going on so when we can all gather for weekday family dinners—they’re very special events.

3. My family thinks I’m nuts since I won’t use paper plates or napkins even for the most casual family events—cloth napkins and cuatro plates are very versatile and functional.

4. I have a long commute so Satellite Radio is priceless.

5. Life is complicated so a simplified wardrobe helps save time—black, grey, khaki—easy breezy.

6. I try to eat fresh, pure foods and to be mindful of the personal products I use—so I research EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetics database for the the most detailed, unbiased information available.

photo by: uvw916a7. It doesn’t have to be expensive or special, I’m not that discerning when it comes to chocolate.

8. Whenever we travel, we check out the local museums—art, history, aquariums…doesn’t matter.

9. A big honkin’ Nikon camera—I’m a very visual person so there’s always something to shoot.

10. The sculptures of Magdelana Abakanowicz. Especially her fiber art and figuratives of the human spirit—how she expresses it through the human body in such a powerful way. The materials she uses seems to make them even more meaningful.

photo by: John Picken

Thanks to sara, senior visual merchant, for this submission.


team outing.1

photo by: Max Wolfe Where: Southport Lanes, Chicago
When: is it 5:00 yet?

Southport Lanes is one of only ten bowling alleys in the country that is truly ‘old school’—only four lanes and the bowling pins are hand-set.

Check it out—we are!