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Apple I auction: new york

The Apple I. From zh.wikipedia. What: Fine Books and Manuscripts Auction
When: Friday, June 15
Where: Sotheby’s

This Friday, Sotheby’s will auction not only one of the first Apple computers, but one that’s still working.

As technology seems to advance exponentially, a functioning Apple I computer is now exceptionally rare—in fact it’s believed there are only 6 in working condition out of less than 50 in existence.

Purchased for $500 in 1976, the year Apple was created in Palo Alto by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it’s now referred to as an artifact and comes with the original cassette interface and a rare BASIC users’ manual.

While the motherboard is expected to fetch over $100,000, accessories—such as a monitor, a keyboard, and power supply—are not included.