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giving thanks, 2012

All of us at CB2 are sincerely grateful for the extra efforts made to tweet, click and post—every one of them contributed!—during our 500,000 Meal Drive.

Because of your generosity of time and spirit, Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign can continue its mission of feeding the hungry.

We reached our goal days in advance of Thanksgiving so it is with warm hearts that We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


recipe: leftover pie shake

photo by: rick photo by: Josep Ma. Rosell

If you find yourself with an abundance of pie, why not try a—insert favorite pie name here—milkshake?

Combine ice cream and milk in a blender. Blend until creamy then drop in a slice of pie. Don’t be afraid to spike it—rum or cordials would be a nice compliment.

Like most milkshakes, toppings are key—try freshly whipped cream, sprinkles, fruit chunks, nuts…or, think outside the box and layer mixings for a parfait!

photo by: gemsling photo by: MyLifeStory

Special thanks to adam for this inspiration.


recipe: spicy turkey tacos

photo by: Paul Lowry Shred leftover turkey and season with your favorite spices—cumin, coriander, cayenne, salt and pepper—any of these could work very well.

Quickly saute in a hot skillet with a little canola oil and top with the usual suspects—lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions and guacamole.

Or plan ahead and stock up on peach salsa, wild rice and cilantro when shopping for the
big meal.

Special thanks to Adam for this inspiration.


countdown to turkey day

Start planning—counting guests, recipe searching, shopping… the big feast is just 7 days away.