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spring favorites: april

stairway bookcase
create a resource library with real books or fill the shelves with art projects, knick-knacks—even dinnerware.
cage pendant lamp
great design at a great price.
petite chair
so modern and so comfortable!

Thanks to april, catalog merchandise manager, for this submission.


spring favorites: sandra

ous hanging candleholder
like the hokey-pokey, sometimes brass is in style, sometimes it’s out…
but I’ve always loved the warmth of this finish—especially combined with glow of candlelight—and it feels completely natural on an organic silhouette like this.
poodle pouf
so 70s, 80s and now—reminds me
of the carpeted walls in Graceland, our sunken living room in the suburbs—it would work anywhere
in my place today!
grid hemp rug
there’s so much to love—the texture, the sustainability, the colors and pattern…but it’ll have to go in my virtual beach house since I don’t have the perfect place for it…yet.


spring favorites: curtis

hitch marigold stool
construction site chic.
nara stacking candleholders set/6
definitely buying these for my next cocktail party!
luck side table
a great design—and with a pop of my favorite color.

Thanks to curtis, CB2 creative director, for this submission.


spring favorites: sara

cage fuel pendant
this makes a wow statement in any room—love the hot red lacquer on
the industrial cage and the black
cloth cord is a sophisticated touch.
display modular vinyl storage
a great storage solution and décor piece for the audiophile who appreciates both the sound and look
of their vinyl collection.
peg leg bed
love the hints at Scan modern and the surprising details—like the red stitching in the tufted grey felt upholstery, and the way the dowel legs play off the linear side rails, headboard and footboard.

Thanks to sara, product manager, for this submission.


spring favorites: judy

club 2-tone chair
sexy and sophisticated—can’t wait
to have my first cocktail in it!
bean man espresso cup
I’m a sucker for a man in a hat.
poodle pouf
love the texture! the color! It’ll be a great ottoman to use with my new club chairs.

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