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fall favorites: april

parlour chair
a feast for the eyes—packs a punch to any room!
neville house
an incredibly well-designed architectural model.
roundabout rug
rich woven wool in a modern design—swoon blue is my new favorite color!


fall favorites: sara

gloss case goods
clean and simple design—love how
the chrome back plates in the handles conceal what’s in the drawer (so no one sees your underwear) and the plinth bases make them look like they’re floating…and the high gloss white goes with everything!
orange ice fountain pen
I was gifted a fountain pen for Christmas, and now I can’t write with anything else. But this one is special with its florescent orange casing,
and its compact design is great for traveling—the perfect size for pockets and purses. I also love that Kaweco has been making writing instruments in Germany since 1883…such great heritage.
untitled bed linens
first, I’m very excited to finally work with Creativity Explored! This is from a fun and whimsical piece of artwork that translated very to well to bedding—a warm neutral backdrop with garment washed and worn printing that is hand-screened onto the fabric. I also love that you have to look closely to see the people hiding in the landscape!


fall favorites: sandra

acrylic rim frames
I’m always attracted to fluorescent colors but I have no idea why. Highlighter yellow or construction orange—especially in small objects like this—it’s a little wild crazy fun.
petal vases
The shape is perfect for arranging flowers, especially if you have just
a few stems to work with. And the color choices are right on—blossoms against black will only look richer
and the chartreuse is mood elevating.
hancock chartreuse bookcase
This bookcase is tall, but very fine in profile so it’s a great canvas for the vibrant chartreuse—which is like a happy face so you can’t help but smile back…maybe that’s why I like this palette.


fall favorites: chris

avec tweed sofa
a timeless sofa that’s handmade with great attention to detail. The new tweed fabric really shows off its tailored shape.
ray of light rug
the zephyr in the sky goes straight to your floor for your material world.
tucker laptop table
an innovative piece that turns your sofa or bed into a home office.

Thanks to chris, store designer lincoln park chicago, for this submission.


fall favorites: raymond

labra candleholders
holds 3, holds 5… a beautiful way to dine by candlelight and they’re a
great value since they look much more expensive than they are.
dunia ni maarifa and
watu kwa amani pillows
it’s the story, it’s helping people in need, it’s the beauty of the words—it’s the statement they make.
new york minute panels, set/3
scale. image. drama!