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fall favorites: curtis

thesi chair
a great mix of materials in a modern shape—comfortable AND good looks.
cuckoo clock
such a fun, whimsical piece with a pop of color.
bento dinnerware
love the square shape with the oh-so-thin sides.


summer favorites: megan

club chair pool
this chair’s brilliant color speaks for itself. We’ve had so much dreary weather, I’d love to brighten my day with this chair.
rain or shine shower curtain
with all the summer showers, this daily reminder that the sun will shine right after is always uplifting.
knot throw
it’s so soft and perfect for cool, late summer nights.

Thanks to megan, product manager assistant, for this submission.


summer favorites: sara

el wall shelves
love the function and how it adds a
pop of color to a room.
fresh ink bed linens
love the bold, graphic, comic book look this has—and every time I look,
I see something new.
642 things to draw
guided journals are a fun way to explore the creative process and see things in a new light—a great gift at a great price.


summer favorites: ashley

selma flutes
it’s perfect for my new favorite drink: equal parts chartreuse st.germain elderflower, prosecco and a splash of fresh lemon—it’s summer in a glass!
geneva sound system
I can see it now…sipping my summer cocktail, candlelight all around, slow dancing to a mix tape…
ceramic lanterns
I love the simplicity of this lantern, that it can be used indoors or out, and how it sets the mood.

Thanks to ashley, senior manager/west, for this submission.


summer favorites: vance

mini bud vases
Forget the flowers, this is a great vessel for soy sauce. A recent sushi party begat the a-ha moment for me as I was trying to lose a gangly bottle of soy from the dinner spread. Each guest got their own and the presentation had the right amount of cool factor.
louie shot glass
I’ve been eyeing this little guy for awhile and have finally found the perfect use for it—it holds just the right amount of pickle juice (spicy, please) to back a shot of Kentucky bourbon.
fleet chair
a great design elevated in shiny metal
—it’s a gem in this year’s collection.

Thanks to vance, store designer soho, for this submission.