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summer favorites: april

ceylon pitcher
It’s a hard decision to make…
vodka lemonade, or white wine
sangria, or mint mojitos, ???
casbah rug
roll it up and I’ll take it everywhere—
to the beach, to the park, to the living
room floor…
cuff candleholders
only $4.95 and so many ways to use them! As a tealight holder, as a small vase, to hold napkins down on the table, bulldog clips can link them together for a centerpiece—they’ll make great dinner party take-away gifts too.


summer favorites: curtis

tie-1-on sectional pieces
a fun, playful design—and the color
is the perfect shade of red—could
be great indoors too.
kiss garden sculpture
I’m no gardener but I love it as an art piece—and again, the red color—so
I envision multiples of them mounted on a wall as an installation.
camp lantern
a modern version of a classic shape…what’s not to like?


summer favorites: sandra

garment washed sheet sets
for hot summer nights, they’re the most comfortable—and I have a
white crocheted coverlet that I can’t wait to drape over them.
titan galvanized planter
they’re perfect for a city balcony since they create a soft wall and
give some privacy in a nice, neighborly way—they’re also a lot of look for less.
bicycle basket
it’s very functional—easy to lift off and take groceries to the kitchen— and sporty in basic black mesh, like fishnets, that go with everything.


summer favorites: sara

casbah rug
I have a thing for flat woven rugs
and the durability of this one is outstanding. The fun colors make a strong statement—I’ll definitely be bringing this one home.
abuela and abuelo
how cool are they?! I ride to work in the summer and seeing this one on the street would definitely get my attention! Love the Dutch-style and
all the cargo options for a trip to the farmer’s market.
woolly pocket outdoor planter
wool is one of my favorite materials and this recycled felt in bright blue creates a unique vertical garden—very fun and very modern.


summer favorites: raymond

shore polyterrazzo planters
Talk about an amazing value—and so stunning—they could go anywhere… and in multiples.
camp lantern
Love the modern twist on outdoor lighting and how great for entertaining on a budget.
tie-1-on sectional pieces
I could lounge on this all day long—so what’s not to love? It would be so fun to bring it to the beach or an outdoor concert—everyone would be so jealous!