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summer favorites: ryan

gro planters
for container gardening, these are
my favorite. Maybe since they’re in the coolest material I’ve ever seen.
polyterrazzo oil lamp
outdoor lighting is a must—we’ll definitely have them on our patio this summer…and fall.
woolly pocket outdoor planter
they’re such a smart design—love the material and the color—if I were a gardener I’d have these on all my patio walls.


summer favorites: judy

acrylic cooler and d.o.f.
I look at these and still can’t believe they’re not glass…from the crystal clear acrylic to the minimalist profile, the thinnest of shams, even the base is practically non-existent.
nest chair
the dark tone on tones are very fashion-forward and the
exaggerated open weave is like an open window letting in cool breezes.
venezia chair
viewed from its sexy profile, you might equate the shapely back with the gondolas of Venice—hence the name.


spring favorites: judy

tusk vases
pure simplicity of shape and the
color is both soothing and striking.
niki de saint phalle poster
takes me back to the days of Peter Max posters…funky, chic…love the vibe and she reminds me of John Lennon!
pure dining table
speaks perfectly to “what is modern now”…


spring favorites: sandra

fuel white credenza
pure, simple geometry with square doors and a rich high-gloss lacquer finish—the cleanest piece of storage furniture out there—it’s like a crisp white shirt that you can dress up or down and wear anywhere.
infinity narrow mirror
my living room doesn’t get much sunlight so I’m looking to multiply and enhance it without turning on any electric lights—it’s also a great dressing room mirror for small spaces.
s.k.f. appetizer plate
I’ve been seeing so much gingham, and black, this pattern is a fun way to bring both to the table in a new way—and fresh vegetables look so much more brilliant on dark colors.


spring favorites: adam

letterpress rug
so many places I can see this rug—
a floor or wall, a bedroom or kitchen
…and the colors are versatile too.
bar bingo
finally a game I have a chance at
winning—I wonder what the prize is?
mel chartreuse barstools
I love the pop of these stools. They’re
an amazing statement tucked in or
pulled out—not to mention they are
a comfortable sit too.

Thanks to adam, store manager lincoln park, for this submission.