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holiday favorites: sara

arboles de navidad ornament
I love that a piece of Creativity Explored art has been hand-painted onto an ornament. I’m a big fan so
this is a special gift.
geneva sound system
it’s a beautifully designed home accessory item that delivers
excellent sound quality—doesn’t get any better than that.
buddha head
love the dramatic scale and, for me, the serenity it represents.




holiday favorites: ryan

birch cylinders
a stunning wrap for any bottle of wine or champagne—very special.
cooper double old-fashioned
great for entertaining and for scotch—warms you up when it’s cold outside.
3-piece cheese set
a great gift that I’d love to use myself.



holiday favorites: raymond

pix frames
they have a museum-like quality and make a special gift when the photo
in it is personal.
stone buildings
love the simplicity of the stone material and the minimalist architecture—each one projects a sense of security in its solid state.
recycled bike
every little bicycle benefits the community that makes them—not just financially but by using 100% recycled parts.



holiday favorites: sandra

plato platter
this is an amazing ceramic piece for the price—it’s infinitely versatile—
and the icing is that white’s my favorite color!
mist table lamp
I dread the short days of winter so
having lots of ambient lighting is
key to surviving them.
orbit chair
perfect for leisurely holiday dinners —super comfortable for hours of conversations.



fall favorites: marlene

rose colored lens print
psychedelic pink rhinos transcend genre—it could work in a nursery
or the back of a VW bus.
beam mug
has a cozy fit in your hand, just pick
it up and you’ll be sold too.
in bloom rug
Creativity Explored is full of incredible art—our partnership with them could be the coolest thing we’ve ever done.

Thanks to marlene, store manager union square, for this submission.