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spring favorites: ryan

pure dining table
the raw, unfinished European
white oak is stunning and hard
to find.
fleet chair
the lines are classic and the
shiny finish is unexpected.
district pendant
it adds so much drama and I
love the huge metal clips on it.


spring favorites: alex

lotus sectional
the pieces create a great sectional
together, or, stand alone as super
chic individual pieces.
spoke bed
I love how the mattress rests
down into the charcoal upholstered
frame showing off its curvy shape.
holga magnolia print
the intense over-saturated colors
remind me of Technicolor® films back
in the day—I bet you can see
a yellow brick road from the trees.

Thanks to alex, store designer, south beach, for this submission.


spring favorites: vance

s.k.f. plate
the graphics are cool and they work
great on the scale of this plate.
lucha key toppers
surprising and fun, with the right
amount of hip.
fleet chair
a great design elevated in shiny metal
—it’s a gem in the spring collection.

Thanks to vance, store designer soho, for this submission.


holiday favorites: jake

disco ball ornaments
I always say, disco balls are a year round accessory—they go almost anywhere, anytime.
fuzzy snowballs
they work great perched on Christmas tree branches, in a decorative bowl or as a
DIY wreath.
4-piece heaven and earth
sake set

these handmade pieces will impress any gift-recipient.

Thanks to jake, store manager midtown atlanta for this submission.


holiday favorites: adam

pressed vinyl cubic runners
can take any boring tabletop and make it pop!
birch cylinders
a great way to set your holiday hostess gift apart from the others.
meow cat ornament
cat owners know you can never keep the cat out if the Christmas tree, so why start now?

Thanks to adam, store manager lincoln park, for this submission.