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fall favorites: raymond

un homme/une femme vases
for being so gender specific, the fun of them is in how and where they’re displayed.
russian nesting dolls
a great modern twist on Matroyoshkas dolls—talk about unexpected.
entre flores y pajaros rug
I love our partnership with Creativity Explored. This rug is a piece of art—the colors and the design are a perfect mix with the modern style of the CB2 assortment.



fall favorites: florence

jasper chair
gorgeous dark grey felt—a nice contrast and compliment to the high gloss finish on the slab dining table.
posh d.o.f.
great as a stemless wine, for
classic cocktails, or just plain water.
slab dining table
the cement color ironically adds a touch of warmth, and it’s generously sized for entertaining.

Thanks to florence, store manager berkeley, for this submission.


fall favorites: adam

double wall cooler
and ice bucket

clear glass with bright green and stainless details-MOD! Warm or
cold beverages, this glass is hot!
duet chair
great look, even better price—the wood grain is even more beautiful against the sleek white metal legs.
stripe throw
throw it on the chair, throw it on the sofa, throw it on the bed, throw it around your self—love the color combination and the knitted detail.

Thanks to adam, store manager lincoln park, for this submission.


fall favorites: curtis

bond martini
a modern take on a vintage shape—and it holds a generous
port notebook
fun and functional—I’m always looking to sketch out catalog photography ideas and love the graphic cover.
knitted pouf, blood orange
I’d planned on getting the grey but
this pop of color is pretty amazing… maybe I’ll get both.



fall favorites: april

beta table lamp
industrial in a beautiful form.
jasper chair
sleek and simple, what I aspire
to be.
hive storage
makes me want to build a
honeycomb hideout.