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fall favorites: april

beta table lamp
industrial in a beautiful form.
jasper chair
sleek and simple, what I aspire
to be.
hive storage
makes me want to build a
honeycomb hideout.



fall favorites: judy

fold desk
an unexpected use of raw MDF—refined in the long, lean proportions.
chop chop side table
pure beauty…nature that keeps giving.
pablo side table set/3
a fun twist on Mondrian-inspired color blocks, multi-functional, and a wow price.



fall favorites: ryan

slab dining table
a classic design in a fresh color—stunning.
L_MP floor lamp
love the contrast of solid white oak with the red fabric cord.
quad stool in midnight blue
dark dark blue is my favorite color, and felt is my favorite fabric, so the combination of navy felt with white oak legs is awesome.



fall favorites: sara

latitude low dresser
clean design, and I love the
handle cut-out shape in the center, floating plinth base and gotta love
that high gloss grellow as an unexpected pop of color.
hive storage unit
great hex design for storage that stacks; clean matte white lacquer
is a great neutral, especially against dark walls.
lovely organic sheet sets
fun unexpected layer for the bed; love the little hits of yellow on the pillow cases and the varying fonts/typefaces throughout in shades of grey.


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