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holiday favorites: sandra

jack black candleholder
whoever would have thought
opaque matte black glass would be so great looking!? plus the style is modern whimsical—reinvented Colonial-era candle holders from
a classic children’s story, simply brilliant!
stelton press coffee maker
chilly Sunday mornings there’s nothing better than a full pot of hot, black coffee—in the timeless Stelton design it’s definitely on my wish list.
pinch bowls
shiny pretty sparkly things—all year long.


fall favorites: sandra

3-piece step up candleholder

I grew up in the 70s so I’m partial to
all things disco—and happy to see brass finishes on the modern scene since I prefer to mix metal finishes.
DGC mug
As a collector of coffee mugs, cups/saucers, it takes a few minutes to decide which one to use in the morning… but at work, this is a no-brainer… even though our coffee’s not that good.
french-belgian linen shale sheet set
These should have been in my summer favorites since they only get used when it’s super hot—but in this light gray I might have to reconsider.


holiday favorites: kate

varanasi stool
great lines and I love the weave of the cushion—easily pulled up to a table for any seating need.
origami pup ornament
hypoallergenic and doesn’t bark—
he’s going on all of my packages this year!
orissa brass owl
love his squat shape and texture—works in any vignette, shelf or bookcase.

Thanks to kate, assistant buyer, for this submission.


fall favorites: raymond

d-constructed throw
I wish our web customers could feel this throw and truly get a sense of the construction—it’s very luxurious for the price.
peace poster
each letterpress print is unique and an amazing piece of art—handset wood type arranged and colored by Kennedy Prints in Alabama.
11-pc slate serving set
this little set is so versatile—great for any type of entertaining.


fall favorites: andrea

root wine cabinet
love the leather door pulls—a great touch!
pony up pillow
a pop of color at its best!
oiseau floor lamp
love the simplicity and versatility of this floor lamp and the matte black—divine!

Thanks to andrea, product manager, for this submission.