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fall favorites: anna

ceramic utensils
I love anything mini and these are super cute and functional—they’re great for parties with lots of apps/dips/cheeses!
stout coffee table
I love the rich stain—it helps add warmth—and the shape is classic
yet so modern… it’s all about the details… the beveled edges and rounded legs.
groove flute
when you’re drinking bubbly I think it’s important to be drinking it out of something pretty—these are perfect—does this make me sound like a Newlywed?

Thanks to anna, assistant buyer, for this submission.


fall favorites: tracy

oasis bedding
love the color, the girlyness rouching to add a little softness to my bedroom—which has had nothing but grey bedding for about a year now—and it’ll go nicely with the dark teal of my wall. My boyfriend might disagree
but hey…
dogs pillow
each dog in its own has something my dog Marty has… so i kinda want to get it for him so he can have it in his dog bed or crate… they’re adorable and one looks a little
like him.
industrial metal wall mounted bookcase
i’m eyeing this for my kitchen to put above my stove to hold spices, olive oils, utensils, a couple cookbooks, special measuring cups antiques—silly things like that so it’ll kind of be like a little pantry.

Thanks to tracy, senior visual merchant, central, for this submission.


fall favorites: sandra

square orange 20” wall clock
orange can be hard to work into my space but with its refined design,
this clock can go anywhere.
wood bike storage
the hallway always seems cluttered so this storage solution—in solid shesham with a beautiful wood grain—is most welcome!
bubble camel leather office chair
I don’t know what it is about this chair—but the color has such an ‘aha!’ to it—like a classic camelhair trenchcoat, it could go with absolutely everything!


fall favorites: april

siesta bed
I love the curves. When you add bed pillows, it looks like the headboard is just floating in space.
peekaboo rolling clear two shelf
talk about multi-use! This thing
could be a bar cart, a bookcase,
a nightstand, a console table…all without taking up any visual space!
shesham tools
totally handmade. Totally beautiful. Totally useful.


fall favorites: sara

pig bookends, set of 2
so fun! I can see restaurants using
these to hold bar menus.
dondra bed
it’s substantial but still unimposing with its low profile—and the reclaimed teak headboard is warm and unique.
alba credenza
the faceted front doors are beautiful and the mix of light wood and exposed black hardware is so fun and unexpected. I don’t really need this, but I’m trying to figure out how I can squeeze it into my place!

Thanks to sara, product manager, for this submission.