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summer favorites: andrea

boroscilicate espresso cup
I need a jolt in the morning and it’s
just the right size for a ‘Dark Matter’ espresso. I probably only need one but they’re perfect for entertaining and they stack nicely so they’re easy to store in my small cabinets. The thinness of the glass is so amazing as well as its simple silhouette—form and function!
banquina chair
this is high on my wishlist—it’s a visual stunner for my open floor plan with the drama of the wood frame, and the neutral linen material quietly goes with everything.
caution indoor-outdoor rug
Made from recycled materials, the bright colors won’t fade and I’m a huge fan of all things striped. So I’m excited to pair this with my bask lounger—it’ll be a fun combination on the balcony so I can’t wait for warmer weather.

Thanks to andrea, product manager, for this submission.


summer favorites: todd

element console table
…Stonehenge!!? I’d love to see this in an entryway with an ethnic tapestry behind it.
chelsea dining table
classic modern look, super durable—I’ve seen Parsons’ tables before but for way more $$$.
terracotta oil lamps
fire always gives an intimate, relaxed feel to any space—and it’s a great way to add romantic light to an outdoor collection.

Thanks to todd, senior visual merchant west, for this submission.


summer favorites: ashley

caution indoor-outdoor rug
I always gravitate to bold colors and this rug is an unexpected combination of color and pattern. I would use it indoors and out, just like it’s described.
govino stemless wine glasses set/4
they have a great shape and I can’t wait to use them for all kinds of cocktails—and since it’s acrylic, it’s great for outdoor entertaining and rowdy indoor parties!
sawyer chair and ottoman
I covet this chair simply because it’s perfectly appointed for relaxing in the sun—with a wide armrest for ice cold lemonade, sunglasses, summer reads—and I love the modern take on a classic design.

Thanks to ashley, senior manager/west, for this submission.


spring favorites: megan

fujiya floor lamp
the drama this adds and the material combination feels so fresh in a living room or a bedroom… it’s very spa-like.
govino stemless wine glasses set of four
I recently bought a bunch of these
to bring on my friends boat and for evening cocktails in the park while
our dog Monroe stretches her legs.
thesi pool loveseat
…love this more than words can express. I’m going to buy it for my back hall to brighten my day each time I walk in the door. The blue is perfect to add color and life to a boring hallway and the soft seat is perfect to put my shoes on and bike to work in the morning.

Thanks to megan, associate product manager, for this submission.


spring favorites: raymond

drums painting
fun and groovy—love the colors in this original piece of artwork.
graphic lady runner
from Creativity Explored—amazing design, a beautiful and complex composition.
twist bistro table
sustainable wood, great for small spaces, what a value!

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