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the new york times: 36 hours

Every Sunday, one favorite section of the New York Times is the full page 36 Hours travel guide to a city near or far.

Compiled into one travel guide, The NY Times 36 hours—150 weekends in the USA & Canada—features maps, color photographs and insider tips galore for a wide variety of 3-day, 2-night adventures in the US and Canada.

It’s only Monday, but start packing your bags—this Friday we’re going to ______!


destination: boston, ma

Day 1: We started our tour of Boston on the Freedom Trail which takes you through the heart—and the oldest—parts of the city. It begins in the Boston Common where swans swim freely and boaters peddle swan-boats across the pond—established in 1634, it’s the oldest public park in the country.

The 2.5 mile walking trail incorporates 16 historically significant sites—including the 325 year old King’s Chapel and burying ground where Paul Revere rests. Other sites include the Massachusetts State House, Faneuil Hall marketplace, Revere’s home, and the USS Constitution.

Day 2: The city is rich with historical architecture, landmarks and amazing seafood—from B&G Oysters in the South End, to The Salty Pig and The Butcher Shop in Beacon Hill.

We successfully managed to walk, eat and drink our way up and down Beacon Hill, through and past the shops on Newberry Street, to finally chill out in the South End.

Day 3: Renting bicycles, via Metro-Boston’s bike sharing system the Hubway, allowed us to get to give our feet a rest and see so much more. We crossed the Charles River into Cambridge to visit Harvard campus—and taste locally brewed CBC beer.

Try as we might to get away from work, we spotted a peekaboo console table as movers delivered furniture. And if the city didn’t have such great sites—Beacon Hill, the South End, the North End—we probably would’ve spent more time on the rooftop garden at the XV Beacon.


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