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on the road: taiwan 4.2012


milan finale: buyer's favorites


andiamo milano!

Our visit to China was one day trip after another—Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai—so we’re looking forward to a solid week in Milan—and the same hotel—via Istanbul!

Until tomorrow, check out highlights from the Milan Salone 2011.


inspiration: necessity

Plato, the Ancient Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Based on what we’ve seen, we’re in strong agreement. Starting with two or more of one of man’s greatest inventions—the wheel—endless variations make the transportation of people, food, raw materials to factories, and the delivery of final products possible.

And Edison said that ‘success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration’—one person may have the greatest idea ever conceived, but many things have to go right in order to share it with everyone else.

So while we’re reliant on professional designers and artists for many things, we firmly believe that everyone possesses imagination, creativity and resourcefulness to make their visions a reality—at heart we’re all inventors.


inspiration: fundamentals


Our flight’s delayed so as we use the latest technology to post this—wi-fi via a mobile—images seen earlier in the day teach us that some things will never change. That what we consider fundamental tools are not only essential by definition—they can make for a ‘heavy’ luggage tag—and some of them are ancient ceremonies and methods which are still relevant in these very modern times.

For example, on our way to the factory that produces oliver plates, we’re reminded that white porcelain is fundamental to dining—that joyful things will always make us smile, that beauty in nature can be found anywhere and everywhere, and that maintaining one’s sense of humor is a must while traveling.