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independence day, 2014

photo by: aa7aeHave a very safe and happy 4th of July!


how it's made: peace posters

Created in collaboration with Kennedy Prints!,
a one-man letterpress printery in Gordo, Alabama, each unique peace poster comes to life using handset wood type and oil-based inks on eco-friendly chipboard made from lumber industry salvage.

Each poster is to be appreciated for its spontaneous colors mixed by sight and variations in layout and font—Kennedy Prints! guarantees no two prints will be the same.


election day, 2012

photo courtesy of: Beverly & PackWhat: Election Day, 2012
Where: local polling places
When: Tuesday, November 6  

Today we encourage all registered voters to exercise their right to vote—every one counts!


the new york times: 36 hours

Every Sunday, one favorite section of the New York Times is the full page 36 Hours travel guide to a city near or far.

Compiled into one travel guide, The NY Times 36 hours—150 weekends in the USA & Canada—features maps, color photographs and insider tips galore for a wide variety of 3-day, 2-night adventures in the US and Canada.

It’s only Monday, but start packing your bags—this Friday we’re going to ______!


september 2011

photo by: Ron Cogswell In the ten years since September 11th, the towers that fell have became a symbol of strength, and remembrance.

So it’s no surprise that the tons of steel salvaged from Ground Zero are being re-used for these same inspirational ends.

In 2009 for example, 7.5 tons went into building the mighty USS New York.

And since 2001, the Port Authority of NY stored and allocated the balance—approximately 1200 pieces—to various locations across the nation to help create some 225 memorials.

To see a few, visit inhabit NYC—devoted to green living and forward-thinking urban designs, planning and environmental policy.