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announcing 3.0

We’re very excited to announce that has a new look—and new functions! Here’s a quick summary which we hope make for easier navigation and a more enjoyable online experience overall.

—the site has been redesigned for a higher screen resolution to better showcase the form, color, function and quality of our products. Bonus: it will look better on iPads and tablets too.

—more ‘in room’, or environmental photography has been added throughout the site.

—hotspots on the home page make it easier to navigate directly to featured products.

—top-level menus appear in a navigation toolbar on the left, allowing quick access to shopping categories from any page.

—to make easier connections to special features, category pages include links to “idea central” content, the catalog flipbook and special promotions.

—animated features at the top of the home page highlight partnerships, events and great deals.

—social and community tools are now featured more prominently and highlight special initiatives, partnerships and events—such as Creativity Explored, One of a Finds and

It may look easy but it takes countless hours and a lot of passion to revamp our biggest “store”—special thanks to everyone who contributed!


we got your back

What’s so special about the backside of a credenza, bed or bookcase? Plenty if you live in a loft and use furniture to create walls, if you want to see how the cord management really works, or if you want to see absolutely everything you’re getting.

We pay special attention to every aspect of our products—including the back side—so new furniture pieces will now include a photo of this angle on our website. Check it out!


announcing 2.0!

We’re very excited to announce that has a new look—and new functions! Here’s a quick summary which we hope make for an easier, faster and more enjoyable online experience.

- better imagery gets you closer to the details

- more room view photography for added inspiration

- favorites can now be saved for later reference

- save time with express checkout

- a visual shopping cart (at the bottom of the screen) shows all items selected

- see estimated delivery charges and a running total—all before check-out

- move items between your favorites, gift registry and shopping cart

- register gift cards and check balances

- easier order tracking

- a new “stores and events” section includes maps and directions—via public transportation or your own wheels<

- the CB2 mobile website has also been updated—and optimized for smaller mobile screens.

It takes a lot of passion and countless hours to revamp our biggest “store”. Special thanks to everyone who contributed especially in direct marketing, MIS web development, graphics, and web merchandising.


CB2 goes mobile

We’re excited to announce our e-commerce site has been updated for better viewing on mobile phones. Simply point your mobile web browser to as usual and the screen will automatically adjust for a better view.

Looking for product reviews? Read what other customers think before you make your decision. Looking for measurements or finish specs? Find all you need to know, just like at home. You can also view store locations and hours, track orders and much more, wherever you are!

So check it out—our whole site’s now in your hand.