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open that bottle night 

What: Open That Bottle Night
When: Saturday, February 23
Where: Wherever!

How many times have you been gifted a special bottle of wine, or gone to great lengths to bring one back from a once-in-a-lifetime trip, only to open it after it’s too late?

Created by married wine critics Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, former contributors to The Wall Street Journal, whose column gave the everyday wine lover ratings they could relate to—such as: “delicious!”, just plain “good”, or so bad it’s “yech”—Open That Bottle Night, OTBN, reminds us that even excellent wines have a shelf life and life is too short to not enjoy them before their best use is paint thinner.

So plan a party—for this Friday, the last of the month and the traditional OTBN date—and work on the menu so the wine you’ve chosen compliments as it should. Check out these helpful hints, keep your fingers crossed, and enjoy creating a new memory for that very special bottle.

1. Encourage guests to choose their bottle thoughtfully—and be prepared with ‘back-up bottles’ in case any have gone bad.

2. Be sure to share the story of the bottle with each other—and don’t forget to include the new memory of the evening’s events and those in attendance. Remember, good times with good friends are special events in and of themselves.

3. A bottle of red that’s “of a certain age” should be stood up a few days prior to opening to allow any sediments to sink to the bottom. This will ensure the best glass possible.

4. The corks of older bottles may be brittle or more difficult to remove so use a 2-prong corkscrew—which goes around the cork and not through it—and practice using it.

5. Slow down—and give proper consideration to the bottle’s temperature and the wine’s aeration. Older wines can be fragile so don’t jump to decant them or pour them down the drain at first ‘bad’ taste. Give them time to open up, try others in the meantime, swap stories, relax.

6. Create new memories with a collection of the corks marked with the date, or a scrapbook containing the bottle’s label and details of the evening—including recommendations for the wines that were worth the wait!


wine & food festival: south beach 

photo by: alexdecarvalho What: Food Network’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival
When: February 25-27, 2011
Where: South Beach Miami

Don’t miss this foodies!

Who wouldn’t want to work this festival with Miami’s sunny skies…endless beaches…hip hotels… Which might be why you’ll find Bobby Flay, Duff Goldman, Anne Burrell, Sunny Anderson, Aarti Sequeira—and Paula Deen who’ll be cooking up a Sunday Gospel brunch.

Thanks to tameeka, store manager south beach, for this submission.


how wine became modern: san francisco

What: How Wine Became Modern
When: November 20, 2010-April 17, 2011
Where: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), San Francisco

The ‘How Wine Became Modern—Design + Wine 1976 to Now’ exhibit at SFMOMA seems the perfect subject for the locale—considering the Sonoma and Napa valleys just north of San Francisco, and the city’s love of art and design.

Check it out for historical artifacts, design objects, artwork, and installations—including a “smell wall”—and learn about the global and popular media’s obsession with wines over the past 35 years.