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inspiration: technology

Driving through the Gouzhu Mountain Range outside of Beijing, the juxtaposition of ancient and modern has never been so extreme—notice the solar powered street lights.

Built for protection and to control trade, the Great Wall of China—which can be seen atop the most distant mountain range—spans east-west about 5,500 miles starting around the 7th century BC making it one of the oldest man-made wonders of the world.

We’ve never been so aware of what can be done with raw materials—basically all of which come from the Earth. And we’re reminded that so many products, although aided by machines, are still man-made using similar materials—clay for porcelain plates, sand for glass, wood for furniture, oil for plastics.

We’re simply awed—attempting to post from a laptop via a wi-i cell phone hotspot—and wish we had better reception and more time to explore here. But we’re staying on the road…to Milan!