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bay to breakers, 2011

photo by: Tom Hilton photo by: amandicacom What: Zazzle® Bay to Breakers 12k Foot Race
When: Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 7:00am
Where: San Francisco

January 1, 1912. That’s the first time this—the world’s oldest and largest—foot race took place in San Francisco. 100 years later, it’s not only wildly popular, it’s probably the most colorful ‘foot race’ in the world.

Bay to Breakers refers to the route which starts near the Embarcadero—the “bay” side of the city—and winds its way through San Francisco to end at the “breakers” of Ocean Beach.

Fun facts about this race? Centipedes—a group of 13 runners that are connected as a unit, ie. tethered by rope, ribbon, etc—were founded in 1978 by Dwayne “Peanut” Harms, a runner on the UC Davis track team. Not only are trophies awarded to the fastest Centipede, there are 5 different categories of them!

And in 2001, for its 90th Anniversary, the San Francisco Bay to Breakers Foundation was created to improve the lives of Bay Area children and youth, and to assist young people in crisis.

While the race shifted to a Sunday in May back in 1949, and although it’s a timed 12k recognized by the United States of America Track & Field (USAT&F), many participants walk to enjoy the day, the costumes, the floats, the festivities, the music…

Run, walk, or cheer from the sidelines…but definitely dress—or undress—accordingly.

Thanks to marlene, store manager union square, for this submission.